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    A nice little lot arrived in the post this morning - which contained six Hollowcast WW2 GI figures. Ah! - hear you say - they must be Timpo figures. of them was, the well known kneeling GI eating a sandwich and holding a cup of 'Joe' in his other hand - but the remaining five are by Charbens - which are a pretty close copy of the Timpo figures - but with just enogh differences that you can tell them apart.

    Here's a pic attached - as found. Note that the Timpo sandwich/coffee guy is on the left - the remainder are by Charbens. One or two repairs required - as the kneeling field telephone guys cant kneel unsupported, so new bases required for them - as well as a pellet hole in one of the field telephone sets. The prone rifleman has had the end of his rifle repaired with a paper-clip, so will probably replace that. but the remaining two look to be just re-pant jobs.

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    Wich reminded me - that I have been collecting up Timpo and Charbens figures from job-lots over the past year or so. So I dug them out - and thought that I would add them to my latest half-doxen to show where I'm at with them - so far. Here's another pic.

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    To my surprise - it would seem that I now have 17 of them ( the Charbens are to the left of centre - whilst the Timpo are to the right of pic). As you can doubtless see - some figures have been cleaned of old paint - and some repairs have been undertaken already. One of the most common breaks - is rifle ends missing - so you may be able to see some showing up as bright metal attached to the duller original metal. Also - a kneeling mortar guy was found - whose mortar bomb holding raised hand was missing when found. I had been unable to find a spare part to fit him - so found and pinned an open hand in it's place - as if the bomb had just been dropped down the tube. We shall see how he will eventually turn out. These will be a repaint group, once I've cleared the decks a bit of existing projects. Maybe around Xmas? jb
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