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    Quote Originally Posted by theBaron View Post
    That's a beautiful collection, John! But now you need to add more mounted gentlemen and ladies

    Do you have any backdrops for them, too? I can picture a country inn, or a cottage, where everyone has assembled for a tot before or after the chase.

    Yes Brad - I have ONE mounted lady hunter in my stash - but she's waiting for a new head to arrive, ( with her Derby hat), as she unfortunately had mis-placed her original head when she showed up! I have begun painting her anyway, as her horse was fitted with a new tail - soon after arrival, as I had one in my stash.

    She looks a tad bizarre without her head - so I will spare her blushes and not show her yet.

    I'm always on the lookout for any of the Britains Mounted or dismounted Hunting figures Brad. I think I have enough dogs in the pack now though - unless a Group comes along on e-bay which includes some more. Damaged figures are best for me - as it's more enjoyable to rescue some - and usually more sensibly priced too. (More Dutchiness showing through again!

    Prices for these figures in good condition are quite high, and the bidding is usually very active, but not quite so keen for damaged figures. I can thus build quite a nice collection at a sensible cost. I'm watching a pair right now.

    So..........the hunt goes on!

    I have been searching for a suitable backdrop pic - but haven't found one I like enough yet - but do agree, they need one. jb
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