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    Here's the pair of partially repaired figures I mentioned earlier. As you can see, I have replaced both heads already.
    The left figure is a Britains Lancer on a Standing horse - so I used a Dorset head with drooping cap-lines. He's also missing his right arm at the moment - but I will paint on the plastron details before adding that. [ It will be a slung lance BTW]. The main colours for this figure are now blocked in - so just more detail to be added now.

    The other figure was originally a JoHillco figure - and was missing a head and had the lower part of front right horse leg missing. I repaired that with a salvaged part, by pinning. As the figure had a sabretache cast into the figure - I decided that he would become a Hussar ( mainly because I had a spare Hussar head). BUT - the head was a Trooper - so the plume was too short! No problemo ! - a piece of paperclip was stuck into the short plume, and some putty built up around it - to the correct height - problemo solved.

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