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    Quote Originally Posted by kilted vampire View Post
    These are really nice toy soldiers. Sommerset?
    No KV. Very unfortunately - the whole thread would have explained exactly what each of the figures were - as I explained (with pics) all the way through. Unfortunately, I was another of the victims of the Photobucket ultimatum - which I do NOT wish to take-up! So all of my original pics have now disappeared - and it's just impossible to read through now - without the pics to help explain.

    This lot were all originally, from a job-lot of broken soldiers to begin with - most of which were old British hollowcasts. As usual, I repaired each one using spare parts mainly from Dorset or my stash of bits and pieces - and in the process found that some of them were actually amateur re-casts of old Britains figures ( the two Scots Greys), whilst most of the others were also Britains - and a few were really old (pre-WW2).

    So..... all are old repaired hollowcasts ( except for the two copies), KV. BUT - just goes to show that with a few tweaks and a little TLC ( and a new paint job) - they can look brand-new all over again, eh?

    Thanks - and cheers buddy. jb
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