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Nice Lot ! Lot of potential !
Yes - that was a good find - which was actually 5 lots from the same vendor. It's going back a while though - as Photobucket seem to have restored lots of old pics to the thread.

I have restored and/or converted many of them by now - so if you look back far enough in the thread, you may be able to ID some of them when fixed up.

Occasionally some are so far gone - they become "donor figures" ( i.e., some just provide parts for future restorations), but I think that many, if not most of these were in such good nick - though occasionally missing parts - that they were all eventually restored. Parts can be found quite easily from many UK parts suppliers - such as Dorset Model Soldiers. Some of the unmounted horses are still in my stash though, awaiting mostly cowboy riders to turn up.

All good fun though - and usually very reasonably priced when found for restoration. jb