Our new Hudson & Allen items were slated to arrive on Friday but UPS (and USPS and FedEx) opted not to pick up deliver in our area on Friday! Could have been all the wet, heavy snow....which then proceeded to blow around and make the roads super-fun to drive on! Fun times....Fun times.

But now that UPS delivered our order today we now have 6 new items in stock and a few items restocked that have been out for awhile!
HA-2096 - Tel-el-Kebir Earthworks, 1882
HA-2093 - Trench Section No. 4, Mortar Emplacement with Removable Cover
HA-2101 - Winter Scene Backdrop No.1
HA-2102 - Eastern Woodland Scene Backdrop No.1
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HA-3000 - Snow Mat
HA-3001 - Christmas Snow Mat

These hot items are back in stock as well!
HA-2032 - Destroyed Factory Section
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HA-2033 - Damaged Smokestack

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