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Thread: Comet or early Authenticast , what Army's are they ?

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    Default Re: Comet or early Authenticast , what Army's are they ?

    Hi Ted,

    The first photo is a set of Comet figures they are set USSR 1100 which was a seven figure set of one officer with a sword and arm raised in the follow me stance and 6 guys with rifles at a sort of on guard/ port arms look. I am looking up the others and will edit this post to add information.

    Photo 2 has two sets of Comet US Civil War figures but they are incomplete, missing the officers who have a different jacket and are carrying a drawn sword. They were US 1276 Confederates, US 1277 Northern Army both sets were 8 marching figures.

    Photo 3 is also comet and are called US Infantry charging in steel helmets. 8 figure set one officer with a pistol and a sword 7 Soldiers with rifles

    No idea on the repainted (i assume) British Guards

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