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Thanks for the reply Brad...New people join the hobby all the time and I met some of them last weekend in San Antonio...And even more frequently back in Hong Kong!

While I heartily agree that the majority are more interested in today's production there are a few, surprisingly, who seek out some of our very early models similar to what our friend from Spain posted earlier.

Speaking personally, in recent years I have started collecting 'Parade' figures...Bands, Colour Parties, Marching etc., mostly from Britains but including a number of other makers also [K&C among them] and enjoy the color and splendor of the traditional toy soldier of years gone by. I certainly still enjoy the more contemporary toy soldier but there is something special about collecting and displaying Massed Pipes & Drums from many different regiments and hundreds of Guardsmen, Royal Marines and British Line Infantrymen marching across my Dining Room Table. For me there is real nostalgia....All of these hundreds of figures would and were impossible for me or my parents to have afforded back in my childhood days...Only now can I indulge myself.

Returning to the subject...Prices may be down at present in these uncertain times but I believe there will always be a market and demand for these older items going forward...So, whatever you pay...Enjoy it and...Have FUN!!!!
Andy, you have always presented a wide variety of TS to the crowds. I love the older classics as you know!