Received an email from Sandy this morning that they will no longer be producing the resin based products in their line. They will be continuing with their Mats, PhotoReal Dioramics and some of the other supply items. Build-A-Rama Retired Product Link
I have Retired all the other items on the Website today and here is a list of what we still have available:

SKU & Item Name
BAR002 55 Gallon Drums - Winterized
BAR004 Barrels
BAR008 Building Rubble
BAR009 Bunker Wall Sections
BAR101 Destroyed Sherman Diorama (Pacific)
BAR104 Bombed-Out Foundation #1 (Winter)
BAR106 Rubble Pile #1 (Winter)
BAR011 Church Ruin
BAR110 Farmhouse Ruin #1 (Winter)
BAR111 Destroyed Telephone Pole Terrain
BAR123 Corner Ruin #2 (2 Story ) Winter
BAR124 Fire Pit
BAR125 Destroyed Timbers
BAR127 Sandbag Pit (Winter)
BAR134 Winter Church Ruin
BAR135 Winter 2-Story Ruin
BAR136 Command Post (Desert)
BAR137 Command Post (Winter)
BAR146 Government Ruin
BAR148 Pacific Jungle Terrain #2
BAR150 Spent Shell Pile #1 (2pcs)
BAR151 Fox Hole #1
BAR152 Fox Hole #1 (Winter)
BAR153 Woodstack
BAR154 Woodstack (Winter)
BAR155 Battlefield Craters (Set of 2)
BAR156 Battlefield Craters (Set of 2) (Winter)
BAR016 City Building A1-L
BAR160 Wire Entanglement
BAR161 Wire Fence
BAR162 Wire Fence (Winter)
BAR163 Twin Pines
BAR164 Twin Pines (Winter)
BAR165 Tank Trap
BAR168 Deluxe Camo Net Set with Poles (OD Green)
BAR170 Deluxe Camo Net Set with Poles (Desert)
BAR173 Smoke, Large
BAR174 Smoke, Medium
BAR175 Smoke, Small
BAR176 Tank Smoke
BAR021 Crates
BAR212 Tire Set #1
BAR213 Tire Set #1, Winter
BAR214 High Trench Wall #1
BAR216 Trench Command Section
BAR220 Destroyed Palm #2 (Single)
BAR228 Bridge Sections #1, 2 Pieces
BAR229 Bridge Ramp Sections #1, 2 Pieces
BAR236 Garden Plants #1, 2 Pieces
BAR240 Desert Palm - Single (Small) 7 Tall"
BAR241 Desert Palm - Single (Large) 11 Tall"
BAR025 Dragons Teeth
BAR267 Flag Pole Set #1 US WWII
BAR268 Flag Pole Set #1 British
BAR269 Flag Pole Set #1 German WWII
BAR279 Flag Pole Set #1 Confederate
BAR288 Rocky Top Terrain #3 - Large w/Stream
BAR302 Blasted Tree Terrain - Winter
BAR304 War-Torn Tree Terrain #1 - 3 piece set - Winter
BAR306 Blasted Tree Parts - Winter
BAR320 Ambush Cover
BAR322 Sandbag Wall - Straight
BAR323 Sandbag Wall - Corner
BAR324 Sandbag Wall - Gun Position
BAR326 Sandbag Wall - Corner, Winterized
BAR327 Sandbag Wall - Gun Position, Winterized
BAR332 Rock Stack Gun Position - Desert
BAR333 Rock Stack Gun Position - Winter
BAR339 Small Weapons Crate - Desert Tan
BAR340 Small Weapons Crate - Olive Drab
BAR341 Small Weapons Crate - German Grey
BAR342 Small Weapons Crate - Winter
BAR343 Airfield Spotting Fortification
BAR344 Airfield Tarmac Shelf Mat #1 - 12 x 24""
BAR348 Supply Stowage #1 (2pc)
BAR349 Supply Stowage #2 (2pc)
BAR350 Sandbag Barricade Wall #1
BAR351 Sandbag Barricade Wall #2
BAR352 Sandbag Barricade Wall #3
BAR353 Sandbag Barricade Wall #4
BAR354 Large Crates Set #1 (5pc)
BAR356 Gate Wall Ruin (2 pc)
BAR360 High Grass with Cobblestone Diorama Vignette Mat - 12 x 12""
BAR362 Curved Sandbag Wall Set #1 (2pc)
BAR367 Supply Stowage #3 (2 pc.)
BAR368 Supply Stowage #4 (2 pc.)
BAR370 Cargo Set #2 (3 pc.)
BAR371 Stowage Crate Set #2 (6 pc.)
BAR373 Sandbag Barricade Wall #1 Winter
BAR374 Sandbag Barricade Wall #2 Winter
BAR375 Sandbag Barricade Wall #3 Winter
BAR376 Sandbag Barricade Wall #4 Winter
BAR377 Supply Stowage #3 (2pc) Winter
BAR378 Supply Stowage #4 (2pc) Winter
BAR039 Stone Hedge Wall
BAR044 Cannon Balls
BAR048 Winter Trunks and Stumps
BAR052 Earth Mound #1
BAR062 Bombed Out Building #2
BAR066 Snow Mound with Bare Tree
BAR078 Double Tree Terrain #1 (Green)
BAR079 Single Tree (Birch)
BAR084 Telephone Pole
BAR085 Palm Tree (Large)
BAR086 Palm Tree (Small)
BAR087 Palm Tree (combo)
BAR093 Double Tree Terrain #2 (Winter)
BAR095 Double Bare Tree on Snow Mound
BAR097 Low Hedge Row (Winter)
BAR098 Low Hedge Row
BAR099 High Hedge Row
BAR-PR32-002 Building Kit #1 Bakery
BAR-PR32-002W Building Kit #1 Bakery - Winter