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    Lightbulb New Elephant's Choice

    Hello Guys,

    It's time for me to begin thinking in the new elephant. I have four choices and I'd like to now what you think.

    First, my favorite of this batch.

    Dewas Senior
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    Name:  Dew2.jpg
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    This elephant has a few features that make it wonderful to be made:

    * The maharaja of Dewas Senior is a young boy. He sits by a British Officer at his left. That s SO lovely I made a boy before, but he was sitting by his father who was the actual maharaja (Kapurthala)

    * The elephant's face is nicely painted, with many colors

    *The necklace of the elephant is beautiful

    * There are two men, one on each side of the elephant, standing on a step. They are dressed in white, with very distinctive hats. The one on the right side of the elephant carries the bright color umbrella.

    * The colors of the elephant's clothes look very contrastant

    Maler Kotla

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    Name:  Mal2.jpg
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    This elephant went alone, without a pair, like the elephant of Narsingharh

    * It has a lot of colors all over: elephant's clothes, face paintings

    * The Maharaja is elegantly dressed, as well as the 2 companions on the back seat, carrying ornaments.

    * The escort guards are beautiful

    * The elephant's head clothes and ornaments are splendid, and so is the driver (mahout)
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