Hey everyone - in case you are not signed up for our Weekly Rivet Newsletter and missed some of our Sale Announcements, here is the latest list!

Sale Listings
BG128A - Polish First Legion Lancer Regiment Troops, Werchi, May 1916 SALE $130
BG128B - Polish First Legion Lancer Regiment, Werchi, May 1916 SALE $130
BG173 - Music Band, Tirailleurs Algeriens (Terrible Turcos), WWI (double set) SALE $275
BG185B - Carabinieris Guards, Camel Corps, Summer Uniform, Palestine, WWI SALE $130
BG198 - French Marines de la Garde, 1808-15 SALE $130
BG214 - Turkish Military Band, WWI SALE $130
BG222 - Officer and Trumpeter, Belgian Lancers, WWI SALE $130
BG231 - German Mounted Light Dragoons, WWI SALE $130
BG263 - German Askaris in Action, Schutztruppe, East Africa, WWI SALE $130
BG269 - Military Band, German Schutztruppe, Tropical Uniform, South-West Africa, 1915 SALE $130
BG273 - 4th Batallion, Royal Sussex Regt., 160th Brigade, 53rd Division, WWI SALE $130
BG283 - Military Band, HM Malay Regiment, 1st Ceylon Regiment,1803-14 SALE $130
BG289 - Military Band, Bulgarian Reservists, WWI SALE $130
BG294 - Band of Napoleonic Mameluks of the Imperial Guard, Guide, Timbalier & Trumpet Major SALE $200
BG304 - Prussian Landwehr Infantry, 1813 SALE $130
BG305 - Military Band, Prussian Landwehr Infantry, 1813 SALE $275
BG311 - Military Band, Italian Infantry, Summer Uniform, WWI SALE $130
BG313 - Military Band, Italian Infantry, Winter Uniform, WWI SALE $130
BG322 - Kettledrummer and Trumpeters, Polish Lancers Mounted Band, WWI SALE $200
BG323 - Drummers and Cymbal, Polish Lancers Mounted Band, WWI SALE $200
BG324 - Jingle Johnny and Winds, Polish Lancers Mounted Band, WWI SALE $200
BG332A - French Infantry Military Band, 1915, WWI SALE $130
BG332B - French Infantry Military Band, 1916, WWI SALE $130
BG339 - Indian Cyclist Corps, British Army, WWI SALE $130
BG376 - British Military Band, Winter, WWI SALE $130

All of these are one set left in stock, so grab them while you can!