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    Default WK's Three Musketeers collection

    This collection is based around the excellent 3 Musketeers figures produced by King & Country, though I will add some compatible items from other sources as I can find/convert/paint them. I'm using a temporary backdrop for these pictures, from pictures I found online and printed out in A3-size, still looking into a proper solution.

    It is also my intention to explore the possibility of using these figures for fun- and action packed skirmish gaming using the "...And all for one" rules you can download for free from the Eureka Miniatures site.

    Here we have the titular characters (Athos, Porthos, Aramis and d'Artagnan) witnessing a duel between a fellow musketeer and one of the Cardinal's red guards, under the watchful eye of King Louis himself (using an ECW King Charles as a stand-in), Cardinal Richelieu and his right hand the Count of Rochefort. Another Red Guard stands by, nervously fidgetting with his musket as the duel does not seem to be going well. The hour is getting late and the sun is setting, throwing

    On the Musketeers side, I have these so far:

    These are all of the Cardinal's Red Guard figures (so far):

    Since the range doesn't have too many proper musketeer figures so far, I will be appropriating several of the ECW figures to take on the role of contemporary (to the musketeers) English. So far I've managed to acquire the following characters: a set of dueling cavaliers, a pointing artillery officer with sword, a lovely sergeant-at-arms with halberd and sword and a very characterful preacher with holy book and sword behind his back, as well as the Witchfinder general.

    An (already outdated by new purchases) group shot:

    I will post more pictures of the individual figures from different angles in the next post, as that might be of interest.
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