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    Quote Originally Posted by REVWARBUFF View Post
    I'm so thankful that you keep this thread going!!!!

    Always love being dazzled and amazed at the work I see in each new installment.

    Keep up your great job of this incredible story telling of yours. What an awesome way for us to learn about the ACW!!

    Thanks for the likes guys

    And thankyou Mark for your continual kind comments. I think I have mentioned it before that its a bit unusual for a Brit to study your civil war "struggle" especially when one considers the amount of famous historical British military campaigns. But I do believe I got hooked on the subject whilst a teenager in college when I took out two books from the library - Crane's The Red Badge of Courage and the diary of Captain of the Coldstream Guards - Arthur Fremantle's book published under the title Three Months in the Southern States. at the time the only two books on the ACW I could locate in the UK. I remember it well because I got hauled into the Principal's study for keeping the books for six months without returning them - Oops!

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