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    Quote Originally Posted by lancer View Post
    Really looks fantastic, Moe. Methinks you have nailed 'the Golden Age of Naval Aviation'. The effect is very realistic. -- Al
    Quote Originally Posted by mestell View Post
    Wow Moe! Certainly eye candy . . . I really like these . . .
    Quote Originally Posted by Terp152 View Post
    Moe, those pics look like they were taken right out of the archives. Beautiful scenes well photographed. Chris
    Quote Originally Posted by TomNT View Post
    Beautiful pic's Moe, well done mate.

    Quote Originally Posted by sammy719 View Post
    Awesome Moe!!!!! Looks like some B/W from a book!!! Thanks for taking the time and effort to post these great photos.
    Thank you, gentlemen. This is sort of what I was aiming for with the last two pics:

    I like the pic because of the apparent movement that’s conveyed. You’d think that the image would be blurred, given the state of photography at the time. However, the plane simply isn’t moving very fast. Rather, between the speed of the ship and the breeze coming over the bow, the biplane had enough lift to raise its tail almost as soon as power was applied. BTW, the caption and pic were associated with Lexington. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was actually Langley. The F4B-1 was one of the Navy’s first radial-engine fighters.

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