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Thread: Las Vegas terrible actions of 2nd October 2017

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    The police have done a terrible job establishing the facts so far and keep changing the basic facts. They are providing increasing fodder for the conspiracy types to allege "something" is going on. My guess is that it is mostly incompetence along with the involvement of the casino attorneys attempting to mitigate any claims of negligent security. I'm sure the casino anticipates multiple lawsuits and are trying to narrow the timeline as close as possible between the initial discovery of the shooter and his opening fire on the crowd below. The security guard at the center of this matter hasn't spoken publically and was reported as "missing" today. Hard to say what is going on with him. Maybe an immigration issue, or some media outlet is paying him for his exclusive story or the casino doesn't want him to talk with litigation pending. A mess.
    Not to terribly long ago, as in weeks, there was a nasty episode at one of the casinos. What sounded like a gunshot caused a panic and stampede toward the exits. Security and police moved aggressively to secure the facility. In the middle of the chaos, a football player was mistaken for a possible perp. Taken to the ground and cuffed, he’s since lawyered-up and will apparently file suit against all involved. In the days since the mass-shooting, it’s occurred to me that the same incident could have shaped the reaction of responders to the latter event, “shots at the casino you say, well let’s not get carried away!” You never know.

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