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    Quote Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post
    This is a really good diorama and it shows.
    Thank you, glad you like it.

    For the majority of XXX Corps, Garden was remembered as a tedious crawl interjected by never ending, unexplained halts. As 43rd Wessex Division ‘followed up’ Guards Armoured, it took 3 days to travel 60 miles to the front line.

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Size:  97.3 KB This is worse than the Harrod's sale.

    To be fair, see post #1290 earlier. Patton made what was a ‘rapid’ breakout advance out of the Normandy beach head, taking 2 weeks to reach Argentan, 60 miles away. Given how optimistic the planning had been for Garden however, a rate of progress of two days, never mind two weeks, would not do here.

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Size:  63.5 KB Crikey, that was exciting, nearly got out of first gear.

    The exhaustion this unending traffic jam caused, with the constant stop/starts, should not be underestimated. It also undermined an attitude of forcing rapid progression and action. How can you ‘press on regardless’, when all you can see ahead is a regularly breaking tail light – if indeed it moved at all!

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Size:  91.5 KB Ah well, at least we can have a brew.
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