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    Meanwhile, 101st patrols had been sent out from the bridge in response to the reports of enemy tanks.

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Size:  94.9 KB On patrol

    Name:  img_4664 (Modified)sr.jpg
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Size:  97.5 KB Panthers prior to advance down the towpath (K&C WS23 and HB Panther)

    One of them watched, ‘a well camouflaged tank’, burst from the trees and head along the canal bank. It was quickly able to open fire on targets crossing the bridge.
    The Panther set a truck on fire on the bridge.

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    The truck belonged to Q Battery 21st Anti-Tank Regiment Royal Artillery and carried ammunition.

    This burned furiously, illuminating the bridge and blocking it due to exploding ammunition. Von Maltzahn had succeeded in his primary objective for now, XXX Corps’ route north was blocked. News of the attack reached the 101st HQ about the same time as enemy shells from the supporting tanks. Some of these support tanks had crossed canals north of Molenheide and advanced on Son from the east.

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Size:  93.3 KB German infantry advance along the canal bank

    Back on the towpath, Pte McCarthy missed with two bazooka shots but hit with a third, which appeared to have no effect. He reported that the Panther looked about the size of a house. He also reported that he saw it, ‘maul a truck on the bridge’.

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    These photos are of several collections, taken over many years. I acknowledge and thank the collectors for allowing me to take them.
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