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    Default WK's Victorian Horror collection

    New project and new blog:

    With this collection I will explore an alternative history version of Victorian times, incorporating various contemporary and period historical and fictional characters. As with my other collections, the core is a selection of King & Country figures, in particular the "World of Dickens" range. These will be complemented by homepainted figures from many different sources, as well as extensive conversions based on Dickensian Lemax christmas figures.

    The year is 1888. Queen Victoria rules the largest Empire know to "civilised" man from the British throne. But all is not well in London. With the advent of modern science, the impossible seems possible and while the future seemed bright at first, it seems ancient evils that had lurked in the dark for centuries have taken their cue to reclaim their corner of the world. Nosferatu and werewolves roam the nights and a killer known only as Jack The Ripper stalks Whitechapel. The citizens of London have learned to lock up their homes and not to venture in the night unless absolutely neccessary, but in truth, the light of day brings no safety. Criminal gangs gain in power, with the Napoleon of crime pulling many strings, except perhaps in the Eastern quarter, where there are whispers of an underground society lead by another murderous mastermind. The Hellfire Club deal in black magic in their attempts to haness ancient powers. And some people swear they have seen the dead walk the streets...

    There are some who try to maintain a semblance of peace and order. The Diogenes Club for one, Scotland Yard for another. And there is talk that Her Majesty recalled several of her finest agents and soldiers from across the world. But will it be enough to stop the tide?

    The first figures for this project are Holmes & Watson, though I will be uploading more over the next days when I can take some pictures.

    Not technically a part of Scotland Yard, the longstanding collaboration of the famous department with the renowned consulting detective Sherlock Holmes, and his associate and friend, Doctor John Watson has been widely publicised (not in the least by Dr. Watson himself, who styles himself as the official chronicler of the great detective's accomplishments, much to the chagrin of the latter).

    Holmes and Watson are stock figures from the King and Country "World of Dickens" range, with this small change that I painted a cobblestone texture on the bases to match the rest of my collection (the plain grey being a bit dull otherwise).

    First off, Sherlock Holmes. I'm guessing inspiration was taken from the Peter Cushing interpretation for this figure. Just something about that gaze... Magnifying glass, pipe and deerstalker are all present to complete the Holmes panoply. A very striking figure.

    Secondly, Doctor Watson. A slightly portly fellow, there is something about the way he holds that thick cane that suggests he's a man of action and won't hesitate to use it. No obvious inspiration here that I can see (though I may just be missing the reference), but a solid figure nonetheless.

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