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British and Commonwealth list (India Pattern Carrier is already done)

Mk VIB Light Tank

M3 Honey

Matilda II

Mk VIC Desert Version

Mk VIB Desert Version

Crusader III

Morris CS8

Grant I Cruiser Tank

M22 Locust

Carden Loyd Mk VI

Tetrarch Light Tank

Light Tank Mk VIII Harry Hopkins

Humber Mk II

Cromwell IV

smaller tanks and carriers will be around £190-£225, medium tanks around £250 and larger ones around £270, all with a R4A figure included for free.
Great to see you focusing on British vehicles. In the same vein as above, let me suggest the A-13, Mk II (Cruiser tank Mk IV):

The army's first true "cruiser tank," the armor and gun were the rough equivalent of that found on a Pz.IIIg. Properly maintained, it could run rings around the German vehicle. And, perhaps most importantly, I just think that it's cool looking! I should also mention that a pattern for the type exists in the form a 1/35 kit from Bronco Models.