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Thread: How can you tell if a W Britain figure has been repainted?

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    Default Re: How can you tell if a W Britain figure has been repainted?

    Quote Originally Posted by bromhead View Post
    In the past I have restored many hundreds of old Britains,,for my collection and for others as a small business,I never misrepresented one as anything but "restored" it was most enjoyable bringing them back and I still have boxes of broken ,High patina as our auto friends say ,figures,,It is unfortunate that some give that part of the hobby a bad name,,I almost always embellished the Factory paintjobs etc and gave them a slight -over done look,,
    with restoration parts and the latest paints the work can be more rewarding then ever,,For a late collector friend who actually saved every damaged piece he ever had,,parts in a small bag with each figure ,I did a late 1890s? set of royal irish lancers each in distress,,I always asked what level of work was wanted,,he was very happy with the results as I was,,MY payment was usually in broken and damaged figures ,a mutual benefit,,with costs and availability the days of cheap restorables is done,,wonderful history and memories,,
    We think so very much the same, my friend.

    I re-started my hobby of painting castings when I was around 50 years old - but eventually found that repairing wounded warriors was my favourite thing. I've probably given away more than I have sold ( which always have "restored") attached to them. For fun - I always ask for recipients to spot the repair - and it's fun to see them "guess" at it - and they are nearly always wrong. jb
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