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    Quote Originally Posted by DMNamiot View Post
    Hi Johnny

    Totally love the display itís got imagination and depth that really pop! The native drivers with the whips keeping the oxen moving is a really good touch! Thanks for sharing so many details and your thoughts as you brought this one back to life! Now we need a musical ride with all your lancers, guards and hussars to help celebrate the queens jubilee

    So many people to thank for ideas on this one Dave. I first had a gun to repair. Then - I saw Obee painting a Steam Tractor for Luiz (Artillery Crazy) - and I just had to have one too. Then I found another gun - and GICOP showed me all of his Oxen (sixteen of 'em and drovers too) - and that set me off down that path. Then Obee again advised that they would require an armed escort! - so off I went on that idea too.

    All of the parts came from Dorset Model Soldiers - either in whole -or bits and pieces - so thanks also go to Andy for those. So.....thanks guys for all of your inputs.

    Musical ride ......................I'll wait for my Mounted Life Guard Band in State Uniform - to provide the music first Dave - and then I will order that troops will muster for parade.

    I have been promised them for this Xmas, (though that did happen once before - and never did!) - BUT THIS time, I think they will turn up. They have been ordered.

    So...........maybe next spring?? ( I'll have to assemble and paint 20 figures).

    Cheers all - jb
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