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Thread: Roman Port of Mogontiacum (modern day Mainz)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Horus View Post
    Would love to see your photos of this as it sounds like a great project, but none are available to view just a message advising you to update your account for 3rd party hosting.

    Quote Originally Posted by Currahee Chris View Post
    Thanks for the kind words- unfortunately I need to figure something out with this!!

    Best regards
    OK, it's not just me. Yeah, if you had a free account at Photobucket, Chris, you no longer have third-party hosting of images. Even if you paid for a subscription, as I had, we no longer have it, unless we opt for their $500 a year account. I can't even access my images on their website anymore; I get a popup telling me my account has expired (it has), and directing me to subscribe to their newer, more expensive paid subscriptions (there are two that cost less than $500 a year, but they are just for storage!).

    I started using Postimage last year. They do not charge for hosting (for now), and it's a relatively simple site to use. However, it is a little bare-bones, with no editing features. Since I do my editing on my laptop, though, it's not an issue. But there are other hosts, naturally, some that don't charge, some that do. A couple of my friends are using Fotki, which is a subscription site, but they say it's relatively cheap, while offering good service.

    With this particular thread, it's only a couple of images, so it won't be that much work to edit the posts with different link URLs (though a moderator would have to, at this point). If it were a longer and older thread, like my thread on Frederick the Great's army, it's a wash, just easier to start a whole new one, when the links are snuffed out.

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