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Thread: A missing scene discovered !

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    Quote Originally Posted by enricoquinto View Post
    Hi Steve,

    that's a great diorama! There's plenty of things...and a lot of light! As always,every little detail was played to perfection.. I like your style!!!



    Thanks Enrico. Had a bit of Sun today otherwise it would of just been weak Winter sunlight pretending it's hot humid Burmese Sunlight !

    Quote Originally Posted by villagehorse View Post
    Trying to locate Lofty, but I guess he is rather short so easily lost in this jungle., Robin.
    Alas don't have any Pith Helmet wearing figures as yet. Perhaps Lofty and the Sgt Major are off singing Whispering grass Robin !

    Quote Originally Posted by sapper View Post
    Very impressive scene with the jungle surround and rock formations. Also like the contrast difference in the damp and dry ground you have created. There is nothing like a bit of comedy in some dioramas to forget the desperate times of war. Regards Greg.
    Cheers Greg. Glad you enjoyed the humour !

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