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Thread: Problems with the " carpet type " cloth bases......

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    Default Re: Problems with the " carpet type " cloth bases......

    Hey Luiz ... Zach and NYSoldiers have it right.

    I have many AWI flag bearers and they are (were) a nightmare. I would say 50% of all figures stand little chance (or ZERO chance) of staying upright with even the slightest bump of the table.

    SO .... I have trimmed down the high grass AND use a bit of "taxy wax" on the bases ..... and it works wonders.

    HINT: SAVE the clippings of the grass to help hide the bases of the figures ... it blends in perfectly with the surrounding area and can be reused over and over. You can also put it over the area you clipped to begin with when you move the figures around.

    --- LaRRy
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