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    I purchased a code 3 W. Britains short wheel base land rover for my R4a Jadotville mercenaries. It will be part of a larger shelf display for this range. I decided to model this toy as a civilian vehicle in the employ of the Union Minerale Haute Katanga which had a hand supporting the Katangan separatist movement. For reference purposes I consulted the following website on Minerva Land Rovers and armored jeeps used in the Congo during the Katanga crisis. Albeit, it is artist license, I used some scrap plastic to make an improvised armored wind screen. I also used Testors decal paper for the lettering on the door. The figure next to the land rover is a R4a merc.

    This vehicle was very play worn and the wind shield was missing. I used goo gone to remove the decals and the white paint. Next, I primed the vehicle with Tamiya gray color primer, and then spray it with a Tamiya British racing green. I weathered the vehicle with pastels and the packs are from a 1/32 Airfix multipose British Infantry kit.

    I used my cellphone for the pics, which are not great, but you get the idea.
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