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    Quote Originally Posted by Obee View Post

    How do now contact them??? Can you give me the new email address ????

    Hi John: just a bit more info for you. - is the web-site

    to order;

    It's now a partnership between two guys called Peter and Andy. They are both nice guys, but pretty new to the TS business, so you have to use the castings list numbers to order - and be quite specific. Snag is that Giles knew his stock-list so well, that you didn't have to do that in an e-mail. They are also not there all of the time. need to be patient.... jb

    They work out of the building "up on top" where the casting is still done.

    Giles still has his shop half way up to the top, in Fortunswell, but he doesn't do the casting any more. He still buys and sells TS from his shop there, and indeed is a customer of the new owners for castings! He still buys and sells, repairs and paints from the shop with Dave - but they are both part-timers too now. Best time for him is in the mornings. His new e-mail address is:

    Best - jb
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