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I have looked at a lot of photos and newsreel of the Marauders and that's fair comment. The set is being sculpted as present and as it happens we asked the sculptor to do the sleeves with just the cuff turned up. SO well spotted.

We have been increasing the sizing of our weapons on new ranges so that we are compatible with KC. This guy is a prototype using our Filipino torso and legs. So again good spot on that - he is a little guy. The finalised set will be bigger guys.

Good point on the two canteens. I assume you mean Dogfaces? Our Marines call us Pongos as they reckon we don't shower enough!!! My own regiment was known as Bogtrotters, and Martins as Donkey Whallopers!

Some Japanese will be crossing the pond in due course.

thanks Bruce
Bloody infantry! Donkey Whalloper is any mounted cavalryman. The official nickname of The Life Guards is "The Tins" (as in "tin belly") it has also been "The Cheeses" 1st Life Guards and "Piccadilly Butchers" (changed to "Piccadilli Cowboys") 2nd Life Guards.