I have some good news to report about Set 125B - which is the Royal Horse Artillery in Review Order Gun Team, ( in the smaller B size range). I recently was successful in purchasing MOST of the set on e-bay. The ONE part really missing from this six-horse gun-team, is the limber to the gun.

The full set SHOULD consist of: Six-horse team with three riders on left horses; One Officer on galloping horse and four outriders holding a carbine -- and the Gun & Limber. (to repeat - I have the gun).

Now - there's also only ONE outrider - but - with one to work with - more can become available.

So.................what to do??

Answer. I have sent the originals to Andrew (Sandhurst39), with a request that he attempts to re-model what we have into a full set - which may or may not include the missing limber? Otherwise, as a fallback, I might attempt making one up to look similar - which I have done previously with other larger sets.

BUT IF there is anyone out there - who has such a small scale (approx 44-45mm scale) old Britains limber - or any parts thereof - that you would be willing to LOAN or sell to either of us - could you please make contact.

Maybe then - this old set could be added to the current figures available from the Replica Metal Models portfolio at some future point.

Here's a pic of the limber we are after - either for purchase - or just for a loan.........please jb

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