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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnybach View Post
    Here's a pic of how some of these turn up sometimes. I hope that you can see that most have broken bits and pieces on them - BUT most are restorable . I have a plan - but you will just have to wait and see how it all turns out.

    What you see here is 5 Marching Guardsmen with rifles at the slope; Two Sailors with rifles at slope - and a Scottish Soldier in Foreign Service helmet with rifle at the trail, (I'm just making up the butt end of his rifle, to repair it, as I write).

    All of these figures are Britains "B" range and are between 100 - 120 years old. jb

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    I had these figures below in the post today from Sandhurst39. They are his modern take on the old Britains "B" range Guards figures. Not exactly the same - but close enough and in the same scale (which is why I 'm re-showing some old originals above for comparison).

    Here's a pic - which shows my first half-dozen marching Guardsmen. Note that I have included a 54mm sized completed guardsman from my collection, at the rear, just for size comparison.

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    At the same time - I ordered his take on a set that Britains never made in the "B" range - but once again, in a similar style to these marvelous Ancient Britains. This time it's of some Indian Cavalry ( I will repaint these as what was popularly called, Skinner's Horse - which is why I'm showing behind them my sole restored example in 54mm - again to show the true scale of these smaller castings). Note that I asked for an Officer figure and five Sowars - so Andrew removed the scabbarded carbine from one casting and substituted an arm with drawn sword for him. The others will carry lances - and I've included a couple in front of the castings. I like to paint the frontal areas of figures usually - with the arm off - as it's easier that way.

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    Hope you like these little beauties as much as I do, which I intend to paint up when things cool down a bit here - and the nights also draw in a bit. I'll show how I get on with them from time to time here ( although they aren't TRULY Britains at all - but certainly inspired by them, and I think they suit here best). jb
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