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Tom, a couple of factors, Iím at the show in Pennsylvania on Friday (and maybe Saturday if I want to purchase one of the artistic creations) and then youíre asking that I commit myself to going to LI on Saturday, which for me is a three hour round trip and traveling on the GW Bridge and LIE? Thank you but no thanks. No offense to Louis and Rich but I loathe LI, maybe because I went to parts of elementary school and HS there. Itís bad enough if I take the GW to go see the Mets play. Thatís the limit for me. But if you forget all that youíre asking me to be away for the whole weekend. My wife is understanding but there are limits.
I know I am just raggin ! Ya, agree, probably too long a weekend for me as that starts Thursday night, then Friday, then Sat, by that time I am ready to come home!!

Louis - you may need to rethink this one!