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Thread: Cem Ozdogan: Newspaper Article About His Turkish Soldiers

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    English Translation from Google Translator Original Text and Illustrations below

    3D museum in Imagination Gallipoli

    Lead soldier collector Cem Özdoğan continues to work at the workshop. Özdoğan, who prepared the Balkan War Museum in Kırklareli-Demirköy, spoke about this passion.

    Modern toys in the digital age, as well as a souvenir lead soldiers from the old ... Children are bigger than the bigger ones. Cem Özdoğan, living in Şile and dealing with trade, bought a lead soldier in every trip he went and got a collection that is considered to be a precious one.

    "There is an incredible demand"

    Lead soldiers say that they were first built in Egypt for pharaohs 5,000 years ago. Terracotta soldiers consisting of 7 thousand figures made for the emperor in China and mini wooden figures made for the emperor Julius Caesar in Rome are among the first examples of lead soldiers. Özdoğan says that the world has a collection of lead soldiers who tell the first Turkish wars.

    Expressing that the lead soldier collection is considered as an investment vehicle, Özdoğan said, "I started to collect antique and contemporary Turkish lead soldiers sets produced abroad and on the internet all over the world. There is an incredible demand for Ottoman-Turkish objects. There is a large collecting group collecting Janissaries and Mehteran figures. Discovering this supply demand balance led me to be a hobbyist, to lead a soldier, then to my own lead soldier workshop and to craftsmanship. I work with a casting workshop abroad, "he says.

    According to the information we received from Özdoğan, the production of lead soldiers in the modern sense starts in Europe in the 19th century. Hey, Heinrichsen, Britains, CbG Mignot are the first lead soldier brands and continue to produce with the classic system. The small soldiers painted today are sold at auction at amazing prices. "I am now on my way to history-based personal diaramas. The 3D Gallipoli War in Diabolical Gallipoli to make Diarama Museum. Many auction house catalogs include lead soldier sets. Collectors began collecting more entertaining and colorful artifacts instead of expensive artifacts. Çanakkale war and Hilali Ahmer theme attract interest, "says Özdoğan.

    Museum is preparing

    Özdoğan, on two occasions, comes together on big projects with two painter friends who paint completely hand-painted acrylic. They are doing a detailed research from the old photographs and history books of the period of the works. He considers himself lucky to concentrate on Turkish and Canakkale: "The Gallipoli War is a known history all over the world. There is a Gallipoli Lead Soldier Museum in New Zealand-Wellington with 5 thousand figures commemorating the 100th anniversary of the war. Gediz Municipality opened a soldier museum with a theme of 2 thousand figures consisting of the War of Independence-Gediz. I am preparing a Balkan War Museum consisting of 1500 figures in Kırklareli-Demirköy. I also have my collection: Kutlu-amare, Hilali-Ahmer, Sakarya and Balkan War, Conquest of Istanbul, Trojan War, Korean War and Cyprus Extraction. " such a collection is worth a fortune. I work with many lead soldiers from Uruguay, Argentina, Germany, France, Ukraine and England. This year I will attend the New York Lead Soldier Innovation Fair with the Lead Soldier Mehter Set. Last year I joined the London Toy Soldier Fair as a guest artist and I was interested in my stand at the Dardanelles. Every year in Germany, a traditional bullet festival is held. "

    Completing in 15 days

    Until 10 years ago, while the soldiers were pouring from the lead, they learned that it was harmful to their health and took their place from the white metal called magnesium alloy. Cylindrical molds, soldiers are pouring with metal heated at 200 degrees. The bullets from the mold are cleaned before the soldiers. It takes 4-5 days to pose according to the theme and to paint in detail. Depending on the set, a diarama is completed in 15 days. Özdoğan is the only collector who makes Turkish lead soldiers in the world. There are more than 100 sets and the modern army of our Republic in the subject
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