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    I would suggest the proper procedure in a case like this would be to have Alexandros contact Amazon and lodge a complaint against the Plastic Model Store in Ukraine who supplies the Tin Figures castings through Amazon. Tin Figures has an extensive line of castings on Amazon. The quality is quite good, my photo is a crop of a diorama and does not do the quality of the figure justice, as it was only intended to help to ID the figure. The same figure is also sold on Ebay by several Russian and Ukrainian sellers with prices in the $30.00 range.
    The responsibility for protecting intellectual property resides with the artist via copyright law. The sculptor per the Alexandros website is E. Perez Delgado.

    Quote Originally Posted by Alex View Post
    I am an Alexandros (and Pegaso, Andrea, etc.) dealer so that's why I know. All Alexandros figures come in kit form and never fully assembled. Also, they come in a typical Alexandros box which I am sure you were not provided with. Furthermore, the casting of your figure is far from the quality of an original Alexandros casting..

    oh and by the way, the retail price of this figure is over 45$ US

    So yes, the ukrainian dude selling this figure is a thief.
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