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Thread: St Elizabeth's Hospital Arnhem - 1/30th scale

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    Default St Elizabeth's Hospital Arnhem - 1/30th scale

    I decided to have a go at building a model of St Elizabeth's Hospital in Arnhem for my Arnhem diorama.

    I have lots of pictures of the outside. My intention is to have an area at the front (main entrance) with porch which the K&C German ambulance can fit under and to have it seem as though they are unloading a wounded soldier into the hospital.

    I also want to create a first floor area where I intend to have the German medical sets in:

    The 3 beds

    There will be an area on the ground floor for the wheel chair sets to move around and an area for the surgeon and appropriate nurses to be displayed in.

    There will be a mix of British and German wounded around the hospital being tended to.

    The building itself will be about 17-18 inches wide and about 6 inches deep. Heightwise well let's just say not too big!

    The building will have small amounts of battle damage and be as realistic as possible to the real one!


    P.S. wish me luck!
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