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    How about some more captured British airborne men, but This time in sitting positions. As if they have been rounded up, would be good to be able to sit these figures in the back of the German tin plate truck as if they are being trucked off to hospitals or other places?

    The amount of wounded captured is great Andy,pkease keep these coming! Honestly can't fault any of your captured MG releases at all. Thank you!

    An airborne ambulance jeep would be good, with stretcher on bonnet, British stretcher team, British surgical team operating on wounded soldier who is lying on a stretcher with the special folding legs underneath the stretcher making it into a table. Lots of medical themed accessories and supplies, panniers etc.

    Officer from 16 Parachute field ambulance meeting with German officer and saluting. Perhaps during one of the many cease fires or perhaps after the battle to switch over some prisoners.

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