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Thread: Britains Hollowcast Set 101. Household Cav. Bandsman

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    Once I have completed a figure - I put them in my cabinet - just to keep them from cluttering up my desk-top ( a bit!), and stops the chance of paint splashes - as I slosh it about a bit.

    Now, when it comes to doing updates - it's getting a bit of a chore to drag 'em all out, each time - photograph them - and then put them all back again.

    So...........hope you don't mind an update from the cabinet, this time - as I'm now up to 16 completed, which should go up to 17 by tonight - if all goes well with the fourth trombonist ( and I can the lose that annoying blank file!).

    Here's a pic anyhow - of the band, so far. jb

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