FYI, this week July 6th-12th 2018 we've listed for sale/bidding on ebay many more old pre-& post-WW2 Britains, Wm Hocker toy soldiers/cannons including: French Foreign Legion officers & soldiers, flag bearers, Zouave officers & NCOs, British Mountain Artillery officer, soldiers & cannon pieces, American Civil War Infantry, flag bearers, Cavalry & Artillery officers, VMI Cadets, U.S. Marines/Boxer Rebellion soldiers, British Boer War soldiers, Highlanders, Belgian Infantry and many more under the ebay seller name: ozziep9
We will combine shipping/posting costs with any items won from us later next week. We can post up to 8 toy soldiers to Great Britain / Europe, Central & South America, New Zealand & Australia for $24.00 U.S. link to our toy soldiers sale on ebay