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Any help I could get with figuring out which regiment these lads are would be appreciated. Name:  27655425_1680247668707254_1501947776398618539_2n.jpg
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I'm no great expert on this,but if the facing colour on the front of their jackets is green(I can't see in the photo)then it matches their regimental flag colour and you have a choice of a number of units.The flag should have the regimental number(in Latin numerals) surrounded by a wreath,but this one seems blank.Regiments with green facings which served in the AWI include the 19th,24th,45th,47th,49th,55th,63rd,69th and 76th.The24th and 47th were at Saratoga and the45th was at Boston and Philidelphia and the 19th was at Charleston.I hope this is of some help.