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Thread: Are we any nearer to getting new stock?

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    Default Re: Are we any nearer to getting new stock?

    Honestly, I feel everyone needs to calm down on attacking W. Britain as a company and Ken & Ericka as the owners.
    1 - The product will come when it comes.
    2 - WB as a company has never really been a big presence on this Forum. Not even when Richard was the GM. They would post on occasion but nowhere near the frequency that others interact on here.
    3 - Interaction with customers on here is their choice. If they would prefer to put their energy and time elsewhere, that is their choice.

    This is a friendly space where you can all interact with each other and enjoy the Hobby as a whole. There is enough negativity out there on other topics.
    Any additional threads on "Where is the product" will get shut down going forward.
    Trust me, as soon as I am notified new products are coming, you will know!!! I will post a thread about it right away!

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