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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexander the Great View Post
    Great work, very nice indeed!

    Interestingly enough I am Greek and in Greece no one uses this phrase
    HaHaHa ! I'm sure you know it's not to be taken literally of course, just means don't trust your enemies !
    So, have to ask, do Greeks have a similar phrase then ?


    Quote Originally Posted by sapper View Post
    Interesting sidetrack to the current Persian Greek craze. The figures could be used for a number of different battles and would not look out of place. It's interesting, Troy was once thought to be a fable but now with recent discoveries and evidence there is substantial proof that it did exist an there is even a place today called Troy. Good reflection on this part of ancient history Steve. Regards Greg.
    Cheers Greg. Absolutely with you on that, I'm sure the typical look of Greek warriors of the Trojan War would of been different to what we today think of as typical. Usually the helmet shapes change for a start, just think of Republican Romans, to those of Vespasian to those of Constantine.

    Sixteen years ago I did visit what remains of Troy, the Sea has retreated so far over all those centuries it's not surprising it was overlooked and when Schliemann did dig well, he made a hash of that, but then, he was after making a name for himself and archaeologists of the time weren't so meticulous ! I didn't use a photo of the "Wooden Horse" outside the archaeological site at Troy as it's more of a childrens version and just looked on the internet for something a bit more convincing !

    Next will be a fun take on a scene from the film Jason and the Argonauts !

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