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Thread: Repairing chipped/ flaked paint ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by theBaron View Post
    I use Dullcote on models, and it's pretty unnoticeable over painted colors, and over decals, but it does have an effect of dulling the colors of any powdered chalk that I might use for weathering. I compensate for that effect by making those colors-engine exhaust, for example-too bright or too strong, knowing that the matte sealer will knock the depth of the color back a little.


    this is true...the clear matte sprays I have used have this effect to some degree...

    there is also a clear satin spray...but it seems a little too shiny to me...

    even though the dullcoats or matte sprays dull the brilliance of the paint a tad...
    I still think it's the right move as a final touch on a flaking repair...
    maybe not on a minor touch up...but for sure on a flaking issue.....
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