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    Quote Originally Posted by FSQUARED View Post
    The King and Country Dioramas in Chicago often have those amazing background images. Do you all use background images for your dioramas?
    Yes, most of the diorama builders do try to put "something" behind the diorama or scene.
    Many times it enhances the foreground action and helps heighten the visual of the entire scene.

    Others simply use a grey or blue sheet or cardboard or cloth. Mostly to hide any back ground distractions which would divert the eye away form the scene.

    A background should never be the predominate feature of the diorama but help focus the scene on the figures, vehicles and such.

    There are dozens of ways to make a background. Many are for sale, on here and other sites. You can use paintings, calendars, photographs, open books; or what HORUS (Steve) is currently doing so well ... by using you computer screen.

    I have seen many successful scenes with a background of model trees, buildings, fences, rocks and such. Once again you can get them here or from many vendors.

    They give you a true 3D look and at the same time do all the same things as a photo or poster would. Another trick is to use a mirror to "DOUBLE" the diorama. BUT ... be careful with this as it can look odd to see some of the figures with their backs to you. Also watch the angle so we don't see YOU with the camera looking at us ...

    Give it a try and post something ...

    --- LaRRy
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