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    Quote Originally Posted by aujj65 View Post
    Happy Birthday Chris from your old mate across the pond!

    I know we share a common birth date, but it's just a few years between us

    Have a great day and all the best to Jill and family.

    Best regards

    Jeff (the slightly older fella!)

    Cheers mate!!! Jill saw your birthday pics on FB and said you don't look anywhere near your age! Gotta admit, I though the medal around your neck said "50" so you are doing great my friend.

    Look forward to sloshing a pint or three back with you and Simon and the rest of the blokes sometime soon.

    Thanks for all the kind words and texts fellas- 46 isn't too exciting but you guys made it a fun weekend!

    Best regards

    when the odds were stacked against me I needed someone by my side..and when the world left no place for me I needed someone by my side....and when the skies crashed down upon me I looked for someone by my side. You were there when no when else was, you showed me what's born doesn't always die.....The Divinity of Purpose...Hatebreed
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