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Thread: My Mountain Railway and Road Diorama Under Construction...

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    Default Re: My Mountain Railway and Road Diorama Under Construction...

    Quote Originally Posted by villagehorse View Post
    Coming together in a flurry now. The vehicles and troops are about to descend to make your hard work reach fruition and bring the dio to life. One final push required Tom., Robin.
    Thanks Robin, I'm getting stuck into it now so it may be finished in the next couple of months.

    Quote Originally Posted by Louis Badolato View Post
    Tom mate,

    it just keeps getting better and better! This diorama looks like its going to give Gordon Neilson and Ken Osen a run for their money!
    That's a big call Louis to compare my work with those blokes! I'm humbled as they are master dio makers! Thanks mate, I have done a bit more and will post some more pic's in the next week or so.

    Quote Originally Posted by panda1gen View Post
    Superb, all the best and thanks for sharing.
    Thanks Kevin and thanks to everyone else for the additional likes.

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