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    At the Chicago Show last week, I was informed by Edmund that this would be his last Toy Soldier Show. Edmund produces his own traditional, glossy, toy soldiers, which are very nice. Edmund, however, makes the most exceptional hand painted regimental colors and other flags I have ever seen in the hobby. Over the years, I have purchased perhaps a dozen sets of his wonderful figures and standard bearers, usually relating to New York Volunteer Regiments from the Civil War (5th New York, 14th New York, 39th New York, 79th New York) or revolutionary war (New York Volunteers) or other primarily Italian or Scottish immigrant regiments in the Civil War. Since this was his last show I bought several sets at once, including a 23 figure, 10 standard bearer set of the Texas War of Independence (I lived in Texas for about 8 years, and used to pass the San Jacinto Monument every time I drove from Beaumont to Houston), the 55th New York Lafayette Guard from the Civil War, the Cherokee Rifles from the Civil War, and the First Division Color Party from WWI. Here are some photos:
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