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Thread: The 'character-driven' toy soldier! What is your favorite unusual figure?

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    Default The 'character-driven' toy soldier! What is your favorite unusual figure?

    Hi all,
    While I enjoy lines of figures in 'standard' poses (kneeling firing, marching, etc.), and figures in the ferocity of battle, I also
    love toy soldiers that have unique gestures or poses that suggest individual character.
    Here are three soldiers I recently acquired that exhibit this quality. All three are by Fusilier/Tommy Atkins (their Hussar line).

    *On the left we have a medieval figure with arms folded looking pensive - perhaps he is thinking about the violence in his line of work? Or maybe his armor is just itchy!
    *The fellow in the middle is a German Uhlan officer. No inward contemplation in his stance. I think he just got off the parade ground, he has a healthy ego, and he is now ready for beer, wine, and I strongly suspect his evening will involve a lady.
    *The figure to the right is a German Dragoons officer. He is aloof, even haughty, and withdrawn - but this may be simply shyness. I like the way his cape is flapping in the wind, too.

    What's your favorite figure in a unique pose?
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