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Thread: Team Miniatures - Native Americans (Sioux)

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    Default Team Miniatures - Native Americans (Sioux)

    Here are some figures I just got in the mail from (what I believe is) a new manufacturer. These are from the Native American range from Team Miniatures. I saw a few samples in Chicago and am quite pleased with them. I list the prices paid here, not as a "look how cheap" or "look how expensive", but just as an FYI as it's a new company that you may not have seen.

    Sioux Male Ghost Dancer Team Miniatures IDA6001 $43.00

    Sioux Chief Team Miniatures IDA6005 $43.00
    Sioux Woman and Child Team Miniatures IDA6008 $75.00

    Sioux Scout on Horse Team Miniatures IDA6004 $89.00
    Sioux Warrior on Horse Team Miniatures IDA6003 $89.00

    Sioux Warrior with Spear Team Miniatures IDA6006 $43.00

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