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Thread: Roman Shields - what colour and decorations did they really have ?

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    Default Re: Roman Shields - what colour and decorations did they really have ?

    Good Question- one that has perplexed me as well.

    In all my years of reading and re-enacting and interest in Rome, I haven't really come across anything out of the usual Thunderbolt pattern- which, as you can probably agree, seems to be on the outs as companies are churning out figures with all sorts of designs. Which prompted me to do a little additional research into the topic. I posed the question on RAT a month or so ago and it seems there isn't anything definitive but it seems, as I had suspected, that variations on the Thunderbolts were possible, just probably not en masse.

    I think we look at it through the lense of being collectors in the modern age and I know myself, I have a tendency to think of the Legions as very uniform and therefore if one had them, they all did- sort of like unit patches in todays army.

    I have simply decided to steer clear of the non-thunderbolt shields as my Roman collection focuses on the campaigns in Germania during the First Century AD.

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