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Thread: 2019 Market Garden Must Haves

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    Default 2019 Market Garden Must Haves

    1. British airborne Ambulance Jeep.

    2. British airborne stretcher team.

    3. Captured British airborne giving German camera man the infamous V sign.

    4. Modified Tractor to pull 17lb Gun.

    5. 17 lb Gun and separate crew.

    6. Shot up jeep with dead British airborne near it.

    7. Sitting captured wounded British. Could be used for captured scene or dressing station.

    8. Brigadier Hackett

    9. Brigadier Hicks

    10. Boy Browning.

    11. Airborne Jeep Trailer with supplies inside.

    12. Revised recce jeep with single Vickers machine gun being fired by passenger.

    13. Vignette of British airborne and Dutch civilians making a brew on the bonnet of an airborne jeep.

    14. The lady of Arnhem Kate Ter Horst.

    15. Paratroopers pulling in chutes.

    16. Paras Pre Jump.

    17. Airborne Clark Bulldozer.

    18. US Troops representing the Fighter control unit who went into Arnhem with jeeps driven by British drivers.

    19. Airborne troops taking a drink from their canteens, digging slit trenches, carrying baskets between them.

    20. Polsten anti-aicraft gun which was taken to Arnhem but not used in an anti-aircraft role. Instead it was 9fired at lowest trajectory at German vehicles. It was pulled behind a vehicle all over Arnhem and never unchitched.

    Hopefully Andy picks some of these but anything he has made or will make is spot on! I just know it's going to be a great year!

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