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    Default Franco Prussian War figures.....................

    The Franco Prussian War has become an area of great interest for me the past couple of years. As many of you know, I collect 20mm figures; Napoleonics, ACW and WWII. About two years ago, I started a FPW collection and it's been a lot of fun doing so, have also been reading many books on the period and I am wondering why no major matte finished manufacturer has tackled this subject?

    This war was brief but very bloody, more major battles were fought in the first 6 weeks of the war than in the first 2 years of the ACW, it also had major personalities in Napoleon III and Bismarck. The outcome shaped the balance of power in Europe for the next 75 or so years and it's final outcome led to two world wars.

    Also, so many varied and colorful uniforms; French infantry, Guard Infantry, Chasseurs, Voltigeurs, Zouaves, Turcos, Guard Mobile, Marines, plus Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Lancers, Chasseurs a Cheval, Carabiniers, Hussars and Chasseurs D'Afrique, then you've got Prussian Infantry, Guard Infantry, Jaegers, Bavarians, Wurttembergers, Saxons, not to mention varied cavalry such as Cuirassiers, Dragoons, Lancers and Hussars.

    There were a number of iconic battles and a large number of famous paintings/artwork from the period as well.

    As a collector, would this period be of interest; just throwing this out there, also wondering if collectors can speculate as to why this period has been ignored, it's a hot button for me, but maybe I'm missing something..........any thoughts/comments would be appreciated, there is some behind the scenes things going on with this as well for me and my company which I can't get into right now, but we'll see what the future holds on this...........
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