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A tough one for sure. The idiot who masquerades as the Mets manager just about gift wrapped it for the Nats. The one thing about baseball is that fortunes can change quickly so don’t give up hope. Just four days ago, the Mets had lost five in a row and things looked grim but now things are looking up slightly. Just takes a small winning streak to turn things around.
True enough, except for this year's Nats, it would seem. They have not won more than 2 games in a row all year, and that only 4 times. There is no consistency, unless we're talking how bad the bullpen has been, so my hopes for this team are really low at this point. Won't give up yet, but they need to do something or it's all over but the crying. Boy, this season has been a huge disappointment, and I won't be surprised to see a managerial 'adjustment' in the near future. -- Al